Sunday Trip to [Karlstrup Kalkgrav] and its surroundings

I am just sentimentally sharing pictures from my last sunny Sunday bicycle trip to Karsltrup Kalkgrav that took place 14 days ago.

Karlstrup Kalkgrav is an old flooded limestone quarry located southeast of Copenhagen, in Solrød kommune. The place with crystal clear water and rich wildlife, known only to locals, is one of the real gems of Danish nature.

The place is family and picnic friendly. There is one main path that winds around the lake and makes it possible to reach the edge of the lake and jump subsequently into the water (if the Danish weather is hot enough to bath :).

If the weather is just normal, cold and greyish, sit on your bike again and make a round trip through the Karlstrup forest ( Karlstrup skov). The landscape is nicely flat. There are several farms with lazy cows and grazing horses in the area. You can go up to Karlstrup beach (which is probably the most windy beach I have every been to) and check out the magic forest Trylleskoven with its gnarled trees.

And now you probably ask: how to go there?
We took S-tog A to Sølrød Stranden and then we biked approx. 10 minutes to the limestone quarry. For more info you can also check the web page of Solrød kommune or The Danish Ministry of the Environment (Danish only).

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