PhotoTalks: David Noel Bourke [Filmmaker]

Summer calls for a new interview! I met David Noel Bourke and I had a really nice chat with him about a life and film culture in Denmark. And I decided to introduce him to you.


David is an independent filmmaker from Ireland who moved to Denmark twelve years ago. He has been living with his Danish wife in Valby. He has written and directed the two feature films Last Exit (2003) and No Right Turn (2009).

David, what are you currently working on?
I'm excited to be working on a new Nordic Noir feature film called WHITE PIG. It's a thriller, the story is a metaphor about Danes and their foreign friends, sometimes not so nice and how all of us can learn from this!

'White pig' is going to be a very first crowd funded film produced in Denmark. Why do you decided to finance it this way?
I have been writing for a few years since the launch of my previous film "No Right Turn", so I needed to start shooting something. Crowdfunding seemed like a perfect opportunity to share the film with the public and gather some funding support to help us get started.
Help us make it happen HERE, 7 days to go :-)


What motivates and inspires you?
Open minded people. Folk who dare to be different. Of course good movies, good books and travel!

Thank you for the interview!

Watching a Storm Coming

Anytime, I am going to the beach in Charlottenlund, it is raining. Last Wednesday was no exception. Instead of sea bathing, my boyfriend and I were sitting under a small white shelter, eating our sandwichs and watching a spectacular show.









When the show was over, we took our bikes and rode home.