Being a Student [Again!]

typographical poster Björk
[One of the first graphic assignments at KEA: A typographical poster for a music event of our own choice.]

I can't believe that it has been more than 2 months, since I posted my last post here. Time goes by so fast! It goes by even faster, if you are busy and you are having fun (like me).

Asking why am I so busy? I am going to school! It's quiet new. I started at the end of January. I chose a study programme called Multimedia Design and Communication. It is at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). And it is awesome!

At the beginning, I felt old to start studying again. I am twenty-something-something and have already got my bachelor degree in International Area Studies. Lot of my friends are getting married, having small children, buying apartments and cars, building houses etc. And me? Learning how to code a website and master Adobe Programs. :) Luckily, there is a very creative environment in the school and teachers seem to be supportive as well, so I forgot my age and immerse myself in multimedia design.

street art
[Street-art-assignment. Would you believe that all the stickers at the wall aren't real?]

Every day at school is a challenge. We have classes from 9 until 14. The classes is in English and it is practically-oriented. We have some lectures of course, but there are also both, individual and team work. And we are suppose to read a lot. I regularly come home totally exhausted with a headache, yet happy that I learn something new.

The programme takes 2 years. Every semester is divided into three modules and there are different subjects in each module. We started with a short introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator programmes and had to deliver few graphic assignments, like the typographical poster or the street art. Now, we are focused on web analysis, responsive web design and HTML5 and CSS. And, surprisingly, we have to build our own personal responsive web page. My web page is in progres. Slowly but surly, I am finishing the project. By the way, I experienced a great lecture about responsive web design a week ago. The British web designer Simon Foster talked about his approach to building fluid websites and his experience working as freelancer. It was very inspiring. And his work is worthy checking. I like the way how he thinks about a web page. His web designs don't look so... digital. They look more like books or magazines.

Ok. Enough talk, let's get back to code. Oh, I have actually one question. Is there anyone who can recommend me nice (English) poems or song lyrics? Please, don't say William Blake. We have already had a school project using one of his poems.