Christmas Forest & co.



This is the first year after three-year period when I am really enjoying all the Christmas preparation including making paper cards, baking Christmas sweets etc.

I didn't celebrate Christmas three years ago. I was in India. After attending a splendid wedding of my Indian friend's sister, other five Europeans and I travelled the country. I completely forgot about Christmas and the winter in the Czech republic. The only thing that reminded me of it was a Christmas tree in the middle of a forth in Jaipur. Too ridiculous to take it seriously.

Two years ago in Denmark, I celebrated first Christmas together with my boyfriend. I was working a lot not having time for any Christmas preparation and my boyfriend was deeply sad because we couldn't cook the traditional Czech Christmas potato salad and we had only little Christmas sweets.

Next Christmas was more successful. We were better prepared. We brought some pickled vegetable from the Czech republic and our mums sent us plenty of their delicious sweets.

And this year:

Christmas Forest
[Handmade Christmas cards ready to be sent]

Christmas 2013
[Fresh advent wreath]

Christmas 2013
[Advent surprise for my boyfriend]

Christmas 2013
[And of course plenty of Christmas sweets]

How do you prepare for Christmas season?