PhotoTalks: Irene Vidal [Illustrator and Creative Advertiser]

Photo shooting and interviewing a Spanish diva, Irene Vidal, who happened to live in Copenhagen.

What brought you to Denmark?
I had always wanted to have an international experience. I visited Copenhagen two years ago, and it really shocked me. I felt that the city was completely different from others, and I loved many of its values, like its relaxed atmosphere and green areas, ubiquitous Nordic design, the fact that bikes are prioritize over cars, and the way how Danish enjoy their free time... Last summer I had the feeling that I have to go back to discover more about this culture. And then an opportunity came and I moved here.

When did you start drawing?
Like most of us, I started drawing when I was child and went to school. I used to design characters with quirky clothes and create short graphic stories that began with a simple dot. Some of these drawings are awful, haha.... :), but I still keep them.

However, I had stopped drawing for several years because I was very busy working and felt that I had no time for this minor thing. Eventually, I returned to it. It is my “happiness therapy”. Illustration relaxes me, makes me happy and makes me listening to myself... and these are not minor things. So now, I try to save some daily time to draw. Simply said drawing means to me the same as for example practising yoga or watching football means to other people.

What are you currently working on? Any interesting project?
I have different projects in mind. I moved from Barcelona to Copenhagen few months ago, so I am experiencing all sort of situations. New places, new people, new weather, new culture and so on. I feel like I am turning this into visual stuff, such as illustrations, collages, and digital designs. These days, I am playing with different type of materials, pencils, watercolours... My after summer goal is to leave my comfort area, get my hands dirty and see how far I can go with new techniques.

Where does your creative inspiration come from?
Inspiration can come to you, but many times you must go out to look for it. I have noticed that inspiration is coming to me when I make changes in my life. With changes I mean both things like finding a new working space in a new good café where you can enjoy endless breakfasts, discovering a park, or experiencing more transcendental feelings like newness, unexpectedness, the sense of danger... These experience make me sit at the table and draw for hours. I also find children really inspiring, especially, their innocence and creativity and the way how they express themselves and how they move.

Sunday Trip to [Karlstrup Kalkgrav] and its surroundings

I am just sentimentally sharing pictures from my last sunny Sunday bicycle trip to Karsltrup Kalkgrav that took place 14 days ago.

Karlstrup Kalkgrav is an old flooded limestone quarry located southeast of Copenhagen, in Solrød kommune. The place with crystal clear water and rich wildlife, known only to locals, is one of the real gems of Danish nature.

The place is family and picnic friendly. There is one main path that winds around the lake and makes it possible to reach the edge of the lake and jump subsequently into the water (if the Danish weather is hot enough to bath :).

If the weather is just normal, cold and greyish, sit on your bike again and make a round trip through the Karlstrup forest ( Karlstrup skov). The landscape is nicely flat. There are several farms with lazy cows and grazing horses in the area. You can go up to Karlstrup beach (which is probably the most windy beach I have every been to) and check out the magic forest Trylleskoven with its gnarled trees.

And now you probably ask: how to go there?
We took S-tog A to Sølrød Stranden and then we biked approx. 10 minutes to the limestone quarry. For more info you can also check the web page of Solrød kommune or The Danish Ministry of the Environment (Danish only).

Sunday Trip to [Trekroner Fort]

Trekroner Fort

The Trekroner Fort is just a stone's throw from Copenhagen and this fact makes it a great spot for a Sunday trip.

The sea fort stands on one of three artificial island that were created to defend the entrance to Copenhagen's harbour. It was built in 18th century and was part of the fortifications of Copenhagen until after the World War I.

Trekroner Fort

There are no soldiers nowadays. :) The main building is quiet dilapidated, yet it invites to exploring. And the view from the top of the building is  just amazing!

Trekroner Fort

Trekroner Fort

Trekroner Fort

The island is easily accessible by boat. The company Canal Tours Copenhagen offers a 50-minute tour from May to October and their boats are leaving from Nyhavn every hour. Don't forget your swimming suits and picnic basket! :)

Trekroner Fort