PhotoTalks: Gitte Valentiner-Branth [Painter]

Gitte Valentiner-Branth is a Danish artist living just few kilometres from the City of Copenhagen, in Gentofte, and creating ART WITH ATTITUDE.

I saw her works on the collective exhibition Byens Lys in March this year for the first time. She exhibited three softly grey and pinkish, a bit geometrical and a bit surreal paintings. I spent long minutes exploring carefully these images enjoying Gitte's play with different perspectives and slowly digesting her unique way of capturing difference between cities and the nature. I felt like this artist has a lot to say and wished to meet her in person.

So I was very happy and excited when Gitte agreed on a interview. Drinking green tea in her colourful apartment/art studio, I asked her few questions:

When did you start painting?
I started to paint approximately 7 years ago. I've been drawing since I was young. When I went to school I drew every day. I have always loved colours, always been very attracted to paintings, home decoration, styling, design, art and so on... I had a coach lesson many years ago where I told my coach how much I want to make my own art painting and she said: "So get started!” So I did, and I have done it ever since. It is such at big part of me and my life and I cannot live without.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I am working on a small series called " Large and small accidents for practitioners". It will be five small artworks in a limited number of soft colours.

What inspires you to paint/draw?
I get inspired everywhere – on the street, in the nature. Buildings, colours, patterns, fashion and design inspire me too. I also think a lot about the environment, the earth, the climate, animals and about the contrast between nature and our hi-tech way of life.  

Thank you for the interview, Gitte.

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