PhotoTalks: Maylen Rusti [Singer and Songwriter]

Maylen Rusti Oct 2012

I had a photo session with the Norwegian singer and songwriter Maylen Rusti, who currently lives in Copenhagen. We met in one of my favourite parks in Østerbro to take pictures there. I was a bit worried about the weather. 'Cause, you know, you can't trust Danish weather. It changes twenty times a day.

Eventually all went well. It wasn't raining. We relaxed and enjoyed an unusually sunny afternoon and a beautiful autumn scene. I was curious about Maylen's professional life, so I asked her a few questions during our photo shoot.

Maylen Rusti Oct 2012

Maylen, what are you currently working on? Any interesting projects?
I'm currently working on getting the last details in place for the release of my first album. The release is set to be in January '13, but the release dates are yet to be announced. Other than that I'm spending some time in my home studio working on new material for some upcoming recordings, as well as booking gigs for the next semester. Right now, I'm also waiting for my second music video to be ready for launching, which it will be in just a couple of days.

What does your normal day look like?
A normal day for me could start with waking up early to work three hours in the library, then going home to eat lunch, drink coffee and then I get ready to work with my music. In some cases, working with my music means sitting in front of my computer for hours, writing e-mails and applications for funding for different projects. The best days are, of course, when I've made some new music that I really like. Nowadays it motivates me a lot when I get quick (and positive) answers to my e-mails, or when I get good feedback on my new material.

Maylen Rusti Oct 2012

What inspires you to compose music and write lyrics?
The thing that inspires me the most for writing music is when I hear music that I like and find interesting, or when I'm able to take the time to really enjoy my everyday life. It's the times when I stop to think about how I'm feeling, and why, that there comes some interesting ideas for new songs. In this case I get really motivated and inspired, whether the feelings are good or bad, 'cause it all makes sense in music (smiling).

When and where is your next concert?
I'm playing one concert on 9th of November in Bergen in Norway. And then I have two concerts in January. The first one is on 5th at Mono in Oslo, and other is on 31st at Studenterhuset i København. You can find details about my upcoming shows on my new web page. :)

Thank you for the interview, Maylen!
You're welcome!

Maylen Rusti Oct 2012

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