DIY: The Speaking Kitchen

Do you also have problems to learn Danish as me?! Don't give up! Let your kitchen speak to you Danish. :)


You will need:
  • self-adhesive foils in two contrast colours (I used black and white, because it remained me some comic dialogue bubbles)
  • scissors
  • black permanent marker

1. step: Take the white self-adhesive foil and draw several different shapes of bubbles on its reverse side. Or download the list with bubbles I made and use them.

2. step: Cut the bubbles out.

3. step: Stick white bubbles to the black self-adhesive foil.

4. step: Cut them out again. Don't forget to leave small black edge around each white bubble.

5. step: Use permanent marker to write names of spices. And then stick complete bubbles to glasses. And that's it!


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