DIY [Embroidered Notebook]

embroidered notebook-002

The spring and my boyfriend inspire me! embroidered notebook-004

My boyfriend recorded some music for his new CD in February. We discussed the name and the design of the album a lot. One of the idea was On the wings of story. I liked it and I got an idea to create an embroidered notebook that we could photograph and use for the cover.

embroidered notebook-007

I am not sure if we will use it but it doesn't actually matter. :) I played with embroidered motifs and with colours and I created two more notebooks.

embroidered notebook-003

How to do it:

First of all you need some notebook. I bought mine in Tiger, 3pcs for 10 DKK. Drew your motif on the notebook. Make small holes with a pin in it and embroider.

embroidered notebook-001

embroidered notebook-005

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